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Have an idea for a project but unsure how to get it done? Looking for custom premiums for your small business, specialty items for projects you're working on, or just something that looks cool? Need some help with designing something? Or do you want to learn all about 3D Printing but don't how how to start?

TheBrianJ3D is here for you!

For Your Business!

TheBrianJ3D has been providing custom-made, bulk-order items for businesses since 2018. Phone Stands, Coasters, Bookends and Book Marks, Board Game Sets, all featuring company logos and designs. Perfect for grab bags, trade show giveaways, or specialty gifts for clients!

For Your Hobbies!

Do you have a project you’re working on and need some expert design help with it? Got the files ready to go, but just need a local source to print them? TheBrianJ3D is here for you! Offering both design and printing services, I’m here to see your project through from start to finish! 

For Your Education!

If you’re looking to learn about the world of 3D Design and 3D Printing, TheBrianJ3D is here to help! I offer a variety of courses, all remotely! One-On-One discussions about the basics of 3D Printing, in-depth week-long workshops on the intricacies of product design, and tutorials on learning how to use 3D design programs yourself, TheBrainj3D isn’t just about providing 3D printing services; it’s about teaching you to start creating as well! 

Design Showcase

Want to see what TheBrianJ3D is all about? Check out some of our previous projects!



Working with Brian on custom products is an absolute breeze! I came to Brian with an idea and he took it and made it a reality with ease. The product came exactly as I imagined it and were more durable than I initially expected. The kids love them! I plan on using Brian again when I will, inevitably, need more!

-Caitlin Buchanan, Program Director at Rhodes France Scout Reservation


Working with Brian has been an absolute blast! I serendipitously came across some of his creations during one of my adventures, and let’s just say that someone upstairs was definitely looking out for me! Brian has been tremendously responsive, thorough, and insightful from the very beginning. From providing innovative suggestions for some of my project ideas to producing impressively high quality 3D prints, Brian has exceeded all of my expectations. It was super cool to see how we were able to enhance and integrate some of his other products into my goal of developing custom chess sets and paraphernalia for my chess mentoring program! I originally contacted Brian for one project and have now worked with him on 5+ ideas! I’m thrilled and thankful to have connected with Brian and I look forward to continuing to partner in the future!

-Ernest Levert Jr. Director, Royal Oak Initiative

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