One great use of 3D printing is making miniature models. Small replicas of characters, toys, or other items that people need can be easily created and printed.m But recently, The CAD Advantage created and printed a design for a client of a different type of model; an architectural model!


3D Printed Scale Model

The completed project!

Our client, Adam, had an architectural idea, andhe wanted to have a miniaturized version of it so he could show prospective investors his vision. He turned to The CAD Advantage to create the model, and this is what I came up with. It is an exact 1:40 scale model of the design he has in mind. With this, Adam can show everyone exactly what he has in mind for the completed design of his project. The design took a few hours to put together, and 8 hours to print out of durable PLA.

Below is the image of the design before printing, in the 3D Printing program Slic3r. The printer follows the yellow path around each layer, then fills the rest in with the red section.


The design in Slic3r

This is the power of 3D Printing; the ability to get exactly what you want, quickly. In the span of a single day, we went from an idea to a competed scale prototype.

The CAD Advantage is committed to helping people in Seattle, and the entire Pacific Northwest, with their 3D Design and 3D Printing projects. If you want to see your project come to fruition, contact The CAD Advantage today!