Design/Printing Services

What can 3D Printing do for you?

Cosplayers and Hobbyists

Whether you want something as simple as a figurine of your favorite character, or as complex as a costume so you can be your favorite character, TheBrianJ3D is here for you! We’ve created custom pieces of armor, or safe plastic weapons printed and painted down to the very last detail. Or if you’re thinking smaller, a recreation of an old gaming sprite can be easily turned into a stylish desktop statue!

Small Businesses

Small Businesses can benefit greatly from the world of 3D Printing, and TheBrianJ3D is here to help bridge that gap. Giveaways for trade shows, such as keychains, USB drives, or badge holders (all customized with your business name and logo), specialty parts you don’t want to order in bulk, or even just customized items you want around the office, can all be designed and 3D Printed by TheBrianJ3D to your exact specifications.

Repairs and Tinkering

If one part of something breaks, you don’t have to replace the whole thing. TheBrianJ3D can design a replacement piece to perfectly fit what you need fixed, at a fraction of the cost, and you’ll get the 3D file so you can print it yourself for future repairs. Or maybe you just want a hook for your headphones, a case to hold your glasses, or any number of small one-time creations to make your life a little easier. TheBrianJ3D is here to help you get what you need!