This may surprise you, but sometimes, things break. Even more unfortunately, sometimes very complex and hard-to-replace things break. For example, Preeti had an immersion blender that had a cap inside of it shatter. This part was critical to the blender working, as it connected the rotary mechanism to the actual blades. The bad news is that ordering a new part was going to be a major hassle.

The good news? The CAD Advantage was there to help with a little 3D Printing magic!

Well hang on, this part looks okay

Wait, nevermind

And so we get to designing! It only took about an hour to put together a complete project Normally, projects like this are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360; however, due to the simplicity of this design, I opted to use the free online program TinkerCAD instead.

A test print to make sure the cap fit in the blender. Rapid Prototyping often requires a few test prints to finalize a design. Thankfully, this print was so small that each test print could be done quickly.

The final prints!

And thus, we have a quick turn-around from project start to project completed. Design time was only one hour, and print time for each piece was roughly 15 minutes. 

This is what makes 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping so amazing; Preeti had a problem, and in a very short time we were able to create a solution that not only saved her money from ordering from the company directly, but we also provided her the STL file so she can re-print the part if she ever needs a replacement. The CAD Advantage is always here to help people out, getting them the parts they need, and introducing them to the amazing world of 3D Printing. If you have a project you want to work on, check out and get in contact with us!

-Brian J, president of The CAD Advantage